Kitchen Gadget Wish List

Kitchen gadgets are meant to make life simpler and like any home cook – I love a good kitchen gadget. And now that we have a house – instead of a teeny tiny apartment – I have room to grow my collection. I now have a closet in the basement specifically for my kitchen collection, with everything neatly organized in bins. Mixer attachments, baking sheets, muffin and donut tins, pie plates, pastry bags – I have them all. But of course there are always a few tools I’d love to add.

Here are just a few from my kitchen wish list I found while daydreaming/shopping William and Sonoma:

kitchenaid spiralizer

When I first saw these I thought it was crazy but then I made pasta from zucchini and I was hooked. I’ll love anything that helps replace my pasta habit with something a bit more healthy. And I have a bad pasta habit. And I can it as a KitchenAid attachment. Done.
Garlic Peeler
garlic peeler

I love garlic but I hate peeling it. It’s oddly sticky and smelly. No matter what I do I swear I can smell the garlic on my hands days later. Cure? Garlic peeler.
Herb Keeper
herb keeper

In the summer we have a herb garden  on our deck. However, in the winter I buy  fresh herbs and they always end up rotting in my fridge. I am thinking of a bunch of basil that has turned black in my fridge right now. This little herb keeper will solve my winter herb problems.

Ice Cream Maker
ice cream maker

Just cause this would be fun. Who wouldn’t want to experiment and make their own crazy combinations? PB&J, blueberries and pistachios, carrot and dark chocolate…. And again its a KitchenAid attachment.

Trust me, carrot and dark chocolate is going to be a HUGE hit.

Be back soon!



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